CERT Round-Up

The CERT Round-Up will be occurring during SMC Disaster Preparedness Day, it is open to all CERT groups within the County. Registration can be done (here) Please contact Susie Castoria at  SCastoria@smcgov.org with any questions


CERT in teams of 3-7 (5 Ideal) will have the opportunity to demonstrate CERT in Action in the CERT Round UP.

CERT that are staffing tables will have a sign put on their table stating that “This CERT Team is now demonstrating in the Events Pavilion”.  Other CERT Teams will monitor their table while they are out. Teams not staffing tables will report at designated time to the Events Pavilion.

There will be 3 sections to the demonstration:

      • CERT Search Markings on entry and exit of the exercise
      • Triage of mannequins and static cards to sort.
      • Lifting and cribbing.  A simple leaver and fulcrum to lift and a box crib set under an item.

There will be a mannequin, but you will not remove it.

Team will exit, mark themselves out and document of whatever form their team would use in the field.

If you have extra members, they should watch the event near the public viewing area and there will be a script they can use to describe what the team is doing during the exercise.  You can also hand out information to public viewers from your area.

If you do not have extra members, we will try to have other volunteers talk to the public during your exercise.

We hope you will invite family friends and the community at large to observe your CERT team in action.

If you have any questions please contact Susie Castoria at SCastoria@smcgov.org