This is a basic course that is hands on and will give you the skills for friends and family. It is taught by firefights and EMT’s and takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.


Basic First Aid

At the end of this class the student will be able to identify and stabilized a variety of medical issues. The Red Cross teaches this class.


Stop the Bleed

This class allows the general public to identify serious bleeding and to be able to save a life while emergency response is on the way. It is as useful as CPR and is taught by the Stanford


Self Sufficiency Class

Offered by the Red Cross, this class will teach families and individuals how to manage their resources during a prolonged emergency, such as when the electrical power is out for many days.

Pedro the Penguin

This class is based on a FEMA activity book and taught by the Red Cross. It is aimed at teaching young children and their families how to stay safe in a disaster.


How to Pack a Go Bag

This title says it all! It is aimed at getting you out of the house with what is really important, so you can stay safe for 72 hours.