Safety House

The Safety House simulates fire safety in the case of a stove fire as well as an earthquake by causing the walls and floor to shake. The Safety House allows visitors to replicate the experience of a disaster, learn basic skills and practice techniques to responding in the case of a fire or earthquake.


Smoky Hall

The Smoky Hall replicates a hallway in a home on fire, including smoke and the appearance of a firefighter. This activity is intended for children to learn how to respond in the case of a fire as well as develop comfort and minimize fear when meeting a firefighter in full equipment, which can often be a frightening experience. Children who experience Smoky Hall will receive a small toy for their bravery!


CPR, First Aid & “Stop the Bleed” Workshops

Free workshops will be held throughout the day to train individuals on CPR, basic First Aid and how to provide immediate care to serious injury.


Training on Packing a Go Bag

A “Go Bag” is meant to be a prepared bag of essential items stored near the home’s exit to be used in the event of an emergency evacuation. Attend a workshop to learn what are the essential items, how best to prepare and other tips to be prepared in an emergency or disaster situation that requires quick evacuation.



Listen and learn from some of the experts in the field and those who have experienced emergencies first hand. Speakers include Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane, United Policyholders Chief Operating Officer Emily Rogan, Captain Joe Spanheimer, and San Mateo County Fire Battalion Chief Brian Ham.



NBC’s StormRanger

Check out NBC Bay Area’s storm tracking vehicle, StormRanger, and learn how the NBC Bay Area team tracks and updates on changing weather conditions in order to ensure residents preparedness and safety during inclement weather.

Photo credit to NBC Bay Area

Bomb Squad Robots


Fire Trucks, SWAT, Helicopter & More!

And don’t forget to visit the many emergency vehicles that will be available to explore!